Feed Your Livestock Better

Better quality feed

Our feed mixers will improve the quality of the feed for your livestock. We can help your feed quality by by filling, mixing and distributing feed to your cattle—in a highly efficient manner.

Faster, easier feeding

We can assist you with more efficient feeding, that requires less of your time, uses less fuel, and is completed more quickly.

Our line of feed mixers can help you feed your livestock faster, easier and better.

Lower feed costs

Feed costs are critical issue farming professionals. Advanced feeding technology can significantly reduce your feed costs and optimize your feeding processes.

Accurately distribute your feed, where it’s needed—no more, no less—with less wasted feed.

TMR Mixers: Many Options for Your Herd

Total Mixed Ration (TMR) ensures that your herd is provided a balanced ration of feed, with every mouthful. The key advantage of using TMR when feeding your livestock is that this means that each member of your heard consumes the correct level of nutrients that they need. This mixture of rations can contain the right balance of grains and proteins, the rich minerals and vitamin as well as a good quality forages. Maximizing dry matter intake is the key when formulating a TMR that is optimal for your breed.

Cam’s Ag Mixer Sales supports herds throughout Southern or Northern Alberta, South-western Saskatchewan and South-Eastern BC. Wes can provide you with the best TMR mixer to support your mixing strategies—to help you provide your herd with the feed that each of your cattle need to perform well. By helping you select the best mixer for your herd, Cam’s Ag can help you deliver the best mix for each of your animals, where it’s a feedlot steer, aa cow-calf herd or a dairy cow.

Our Product Lines


As the representative for NDEco in Southern Alberta and South-Eastern BC, Cam’s Ag Mixer Sales sells and supports the NDEco product line. We offer NDEco products in order to provide a complete line of mixer products for all of your feeding needs

Kirby Manufacturing

Kirby Manufacturing is represented by Cam’s Ag Mixer Sales in Southern Alberta. Kirby is a leader in agricultural equipment, serving customers throughout North America, as well many foreign markets.